My Maintenance Crew is a social enterprise and a project of Diversitat, a not-for-profit community organisation with a long history of caring and supporting the disadvantaged and disengaged youth in the Geelong region. My Maintenance Crew fosters resilience and builds self-esteem in young people through genuine employment and real work experience. We will assist our employees to develop financial independence, links to their communities and encourage aspirational self-development.

My Maintenance Crew was developed in response to a growing need in the Geelong region, a need to curb youth unemployment and provide meaningful skills, not just hands-on work skills but also life skills and mentor support.

My Maintenance Crew offers cheap, affordable handyman services in Geelong. We offer a complete range of maintenance services guaranteeing prompt and thorough service. Our employees are supervised at all times by experienced and qualified mentors that provide support and on the job skills training.

Our employees will be engaged in accredited training to ensure they are given industry specific skills in a broad range of industry area’s. My Maintenance Crew Gives young people in Geelong the opportunity to develop work skills in a supportive environment, offering wellbeing support, transport assistance, nutritious food and fitness.

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Our Clients

  • Boral
  • Built.
  • Clonard College
  • Fine Point
  • Fulton Hogan
  • GenU
  • Hanlon
  • MCG
  • Norris
  • Pako Festa
  • Queenscliff Music Festival
  • Rapid Clean
  • SES
  • Shell Club
  • Sinclair Brook
  • Social Traders
  • Work Safe
  • Xtreme Technology